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Extruded aerial sliding rail duct extraction system

The rail duct and trolley systems were designed to allow the extraction of automotive exhaust gases, in general, in the following applications:
- Systems for emissions tests or servicing of vehicles in movement (in line with the system) to which appropriate nozzles are attached to the exhaust and connected to the extraction system
- Centralised systems for lifts or multiple work areas where the installation of wall or ceiling-mounted devices is not possible or impractical.
Our rail duct extraction systems were designed to simplify and increase flexibility of systems installed in the automotive sector.
Profile bars in extruded magnesium-aluminium alloy are used, supplied in kit form in various lengths which can be connected together, allowing customised lines to be created based on specific requirements of the individual vehicle workshop.
All versions use our own exclusively designed sealing and closing system, in "EPDM" rubber, resistant to gas and high temperatures
Made with special profiling ensuring a perfect fit at low vacuums, facilitating the ogive sliding within the trolleys, maintaining a perfect air tightness.
The hose runners have been designed and resized for the different uses necessary to satisfy the air of all automotive and truck models; they are equipped with special Teflon wheels complete with bearings to increase glide inside the external aluminium profiles.
The EC rail duct has a rounded profile and is available in a single section of extruded aluminium.
This type of duct, as well as being simple to install, is extremely resistant to torsional stresses which can be generated during the various work stages.
One of the exclusive advantages of the Aerservice sliding system is its ease of assembly.
In fact, the ducts are pre-mounted during the production stage, including the introduction of rubber into the aluminium profile, an operation which is not easily carried out on site.
The movement of the hose runners which connect and transport an extraction duct in the longitudinal direction, the rubber hose in the diameters indicated for cars, truck, etc., is carried out as follows:
• Manually, by the operator, for multi-user lines, using the flexible hose connected to the trolleys, or with ropes equipped with handles, in the case of hose reels.
• For vehicles with engines running during the stages of overhauling in Rev Kit overhauling systems, complete with an automatic decoupler for the nozzle specifications designed for this aspiration.

The internal duct speed is calculated at about 20 m/sec., which we recommend as the maximum velocity, to facilitate the glide of the runners and the correct evacuation of gases.

MOD.Mod. TrolleysMod. Hose reelsSimultaneousMod. FanTotal flow rateMax. recommended length for fan extr. ØAvail. Pressure
-----m³/hL. mt. - Ø mmPa
ECECS1 d.75--2 maxVA 3060020 mt - Ø 150 mm220
EC--AHRC 751 maxVA 3030030 mt - Ø 150 mm400
EC--AHRC 1001 maxVA3045030 mt. - Ø 150 mm380
ECECS1 d.75--4 maxEV 181.20030 mt. - Ø 200 mm500
ECECS2 d.100--3 maxEV 181.35030 mt. - Ø 200 mm400
ECECS3 d.125--2 maxEV 181.40030 mt. - Ø 200 mm300
ECCST4 d.150--1 maxEV 181.10030 mt. - Ø 200 mm700
EC--ARHC 754 maxEV 181.20030 mt. - Ø 200 mm400
EC--AHRC 1003 maxEV 181.35030 mt. - Ø 200 mm350
EC--AHRC 1252 maxEV 181.40030 mt. - Ø 200 mm200
MOD.DIMENSIONSMax. recommended flow rateHEAD LOSSWeight (excluding trolleys and brackets)
-Ø x L (mm)m³/hPaKg
EC200 x 2000 mm20003816
EC200 x 4000 mm20007632
EC200 x 6000 mm200011448
The internal duct speed is calculated at about 20 m/sec., which we recommend as the maximum velocity, to facilitate the glide of the runners and the correct evacuation of gases.


To simplify sizing, Aerservice offers a series of pre-assembled KITs, complete with duct, trolley, flexible anti-crush hose (7.5 m), attachment for hanging the hose (ATS), centrifugal fan (EV) and junction brackets.

Mod. ductMod. trolleysTrolleysExtraction FanPowerMotor rpmVOLTAGE
Ø mmØ mmN°MOD.kW / HPN°Pa
EC 1 Ø 75ECS 1 Ø 751VA 300,55/0,752840230/400/50
EC 1 Ø 100ECS 2 Ø 1001VA 300,55/0,752840230/400/50
EC 1 Ø 125ECS 3 Ø 1251EV 181,1/1,52840230/400/50
EC 2 Ø 75ECS 1 Ø 752VA 300,55/0,752840230/400/50
EC 2 Ø 100ECS 2 Ø 1002VA 300,55/0,752840230/400/50
CA 2 Ø 100CST 1 Ø 1002VA 300,55/0,752840230/400/50
VOLUME m³ 0.51 (430X28X42 cm.)