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Curtain for all welding processes

The curtains are generally used with an operator present and orange the most commonly used colour.
The dark green is completely opaque and cannot be looked through (the curtain appears to be black) and is used in proximity to automatic systems, but also whenever the operator works with very high amperage and the welding arc is quite strong and intense.
The curtains can be used for all welding processes in compliance with Standard EN 1598 which stipulates that they are to be flame retardant with UV and IR filtering properties, both of which are typical in welding and extremely dangerous for the eyes.
1Orange0,41600 x 1400YESNO7
2Orange0,41800 x 1400YESNO7
3Orange0,42000 x 1400YESNO7
4Green0,41600 x 1400NOYES7
5Green0,41800 x 1400NOYES7
6Green0,42000 x 1400NOYES7